amosshart: Nashville. Backstage first gig of the kills tour!!!!! x


Q: Are you looking at any other genres of music to get inspired?
Freddie: “Well, I listened to some music in Senegal, African percussion stuff, tribal music… But I’m really loving contemporary music as well. I liked the St Vincent record a lot. Annie Clark, she’s an amazing guitar player. It’s a great record, I like that a lot. The War On Drugs’ new LP is really interesting.
“I’m also listening to a lot of Robert Fripp. I love the way the first King Crimson record sounds, and I was into the Fripp and Eno stuff a long time ago, but mainly Fripp with David Bowie. I’m listening to a lot of Bowie, a lot of Nile Rodgers, Robert Fripp and Mick Ronson. I think Bowie had an amazing knack for picking the best guitar players.
"Those three are probably my favourite guitar players of all time. They’re all very different, but they all understand music in a similar way, and for me, that’s my masterclass.
"In The Vaccines, Justin has been really key to that, playing to the song and leaving space.”